Thursday 17 September 2015

Great and Small II... blimey

Well thank goodness that is over. Much as I enjoyed the show once it was up and running the build and setting up was very stressful. Thankfully all the modellers and railway staff and volunteers were very helpful and lovely so it all went off very well... so much so that I've been told by the General manager that we have to do it all again next year.

From behind Underhill it all went off reasonably well but the uneven floor in the goods shed and the awful join between boards contributed to much swearing and stuffing bits of cardboard box under the legs to try to keep things running. I'd just got it perfect by the time to pack up.

I managed to fail to measure the two smaller rooms and so not be able to fit what I'd hoped into those rooms but thanks to a bit of jiggling and the supreme unflappability of Stan and Roger who just turned their one layout into two, everything fitted and looked like it was planned to the un-trained eye.

The smiling faces behind the layouts tell a story. Either mass hysteria or happy bunnies, I think the latter.

There were also some larger beasties out in the 'real' world including the GMs Dad's 5 inch gauge Sgt Murphy. I never did get round having a ride on it.

Anyway, put this weekend in your diaries for next year as it is destined to be bigger and even better measured up next year. Mean time I can get back to doing some modelling. Now where did I put that coach...


Mick Thornton said...

An excellent event all round John, thanks for your own contribution. We had a great visit to North Wales and went home thorughly "Festinioged". Also spent cash at your shop on the way back south through Porth on Sunday! Next year is in the diary as a "must" already!


Lord Stoner said...

Glad you liked it, it is a great place and there are so many NG lines to play with and loads of dead ones to investigate as an excuse for a walk in the country.