Sunday 8 November 2015

More solder and head scratching

A day off today so back to the soldering iron. The coiled cable arrived for the controller so I swapped that over and now I can reach both ends of the layout.

On the success front I also reattached the original lighting gantry. It used to be on an end which is no longer so I removed the wooden socket which the upright sits in and have now put it on the back of Underhill so I now have some lights at this end at least. I need to make a similar structure which attaches to the Three Bridges end.

While I was in a woodworking mood I also cut out some of the backscene board at Underhill so that I will have access to the track join this time around should it prove a problem.

On the unsuccessful front I still haven't persuaded the Dapol signal to work properly. I tried dropping the volts; I've tried DC; I've tried with and without the conrtol module and with. I've even tried another signal altogether. Ho hum.

Back on the successful front again, I've added a DC supply from a separate wall wart psu to illuminate the building and the lamp post at the station. This does work.

The pub has 2 x LEDs inside and a lamp on the outside. The halt has a lamp post and I may add an LED inside the waiting area. The building currently represented by the Skaledale fisherman's cottages might also get an internal light.

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