Thursday 5 November 2015

More solder

As predicted I spent my last day off soldering wires and generally buggering about with electricity, mostly pretty successfully.

The rear of the control panel

The front of the control panel with inter board connectors in place 

The first thing I did was make a small wooden frame to secure the styrene panel to, I attached it with the connections on the outside so I could more easily solder the wires in place. I knew what needed to go where except for the pin connections on the 6 pin DIN plugs, I looked at the way I'd wired the first socket in the Underhill wiring bunker... however it turns out that spatial awareness is not my big thing so the first way I soldered it all together I ended up with 16v AC on the track and the controlled supply going to the signal. Doh! Anyway after changing that all round all was well so I made the cut in the rails with great trepidation. I needn't have worried trains run over both joins with no trouble at all. I haven't taken the boards apart and put them back together again yet but one thing at a time.

The signal lit up and a train about to pass

.I have ended up with a slight issue in that the Dapol signal which is supposed to run off 16v AC seems to not like the supply coming from the Gaugemaster M1 which provides the supply to the layout. On checking I find that there is nearly 19 volts being supplied and I think that this may be too much so I need to reduce the voltage by a few volts. Back to work tomorrow though so it will have to wait; pleasing progress overall though. Underhill is reborn, nearly.

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