Sunday 20 October 2019

Bits and bobs

It's been a while since I posted an update and that is mostly because I haven't done very much modelling recently, life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, here are a few bits and pieces that I have done.
Olwen has been lined out, my most ambitious scheme yet and I'm pretty happy with how it has come out. Just waiting for plates now.

This is it with twin, Nettie who got a bit of a service and a few updates, mainly to the roof.

It was time to finish off and build a few new wagons, and another TR coach

The wagons are finished but the coach is still awaiting glazing and a final assemble

I finally got round to weathering all of the ROCO U and V skips, so now I have a fair train of them

Wagons need loads so I got out my box of Busch vegetable kits and spent an evening sticking small plants together and quite often to myself. Very fiddly but the end results are very convincing, if a bit large especially as they are supposed to be HO.

This wagon got a load of PECO milk churns

I've been gradually finishing off Rock Beach, most of the buildings are now fixed and lit internally as I wanted.

The daytime view reveals that I've been making gardens and adding some more plant detail. I don't have pictures of some of the new greenery but the differences are quite subtle in some areas and don't stand out but add to the overall look

Off to EXPONG next week but only with the work marketing stand, then at the end of November it's the mixed blessing that is Warley. Again, only with work but it gives a chance to top up on supplies.

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