Monday 4 November 2019

The Germans are coming...

Having been busy in the so called, real world recently I haven't had a lot of time to progress the dozens of things I'd like to get on with on the layout. The biggest and probably most obvious one of these is the sorting out of a backscene for the new bit. I have a tame printer who will be able to print it for me but I still need to find an image, basically just sky.
One weekend was occupied with a trip down South to Swanley to visit ExpoNG with the F&WHR marketing stand. It was a cracking good show with many inspirational layouts. As ever at events such as these it is also good to meet up with lots of people that you only meet in real life at shows. Much nattering was done and the wallet got a little bit frightened when it was required to purchase a couple of the lovely Technomodelle coaches. The nicest of which is this articulated pair; I also bought a single 4 wheeler.
I spent a happy evening adding a little paint detail and weathering to the new stock and also finally glazed the third of the TR coaches. Each one is painted slightly differently as each time I thought I remembered what I'd done before and was too lazy to check. Each one and the van have come out nicely but it's just as well that I'm not OCD about carriage liveries matching.

The articulated pair looks rather good with the Minitrains Decauville

But then again the Brigadelok is probably more suitable

It seems to be a time for black locos as the Barclyfied Krauss also seems rather at home

Another black loco paid a brief visit this week too; it's the lined black version of Lyd from Heljan. I have to say it is a very fetching finish and completely suited my maroon PECO L&B coaches. However, I had to give this one back so someone can make a purchase from the shop.

One non-modelling but related project that I've been working on is the extended history of the Isle of Stoner. It now contains details of island life all the way back to the stone age. I still have a little more work to do on it but I will eventually add it this blog. The map has had a few subtle tweeks too and this is now displayed at the head of the blog.

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