Saturday 1 February 2020


I finally decided that the printed road surface of Rock Beach Square didn't really blend in with the other scenery, I'd tried to weather it but it just looked flat... because it was. So I ordered a pack of DAS modelling clay and made myself a stamper to press a cobbles/sett stone pattern with. It is made from Evergreen styrene square tube cut into short lengths and stuck together.

The first spot of DAS where it joins onto the plaster road surface

Adding the clay, bit by bit then smoothing it over with my fingers and a wet paint brush.

A bit brown but a promising texture

A first coat of light brown acrylic

The surface finished off with a few different greys dry brushed and then swept over with weathering powders. I find they take off any painty sheen and add a scale size texture too.

I had to paint the pavement after staining it with DAS so it is now a bit uniform in colour so I suspect it will be out with the paints to vary the paving stones.

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