Saturday 18 September 2021

Plastered and dyed

Well now, despite having been busy at work I've also grabbed quite a few half an hour periods and made lots of progress on the next bit of layout. It is simple trackwise so it's all about the scenery. For once I've known what I was aiming at so it's been quite straight forward.

this is where the road will come up to be the roadside tramway.

This is the bridge over the road to the beach. I've been enjoying a couple of bridge on the ex LNWR Bethesda branch which have a similar style of grid. This is made from two footbridges and some Wills chequer board etc.

Plaster bandage is the next phase.

I'd got a fair way on with the scenery so I decided that the next thing to do was to install the old fiddle yard. Eventually I'll replace this with a terminus and loco/carriage shed but for now this will do. Because I'm crap at measuring things it didn't fit in its original size so I chopped a few inches off and relaid the track to fit.

Because I'm crap at measuring it still didn't fit. I forgot that none of the walls are parallel as the room was designed to be my recording studio. Parallel walls cause standing waves and resonant frequencies so I built the room with unsquare walls... No bloody help when building a model railway.

Fortunately I could saw an inch off the other end to make it fit.

With a little bit of work I connected up the remaining track and nailed it down. Hurrah a fully working railway.

After that it was lots more filler and plaster bandage.

The scenery is nearing its final shape including the Bachmann resin version of the footbridge over the Padarn Railway at Bethel. The deck of the bridge isn't a very fine bit of casting and also is too low for a couple of my larger trams so I've made a replacement deck which is higher. I think it actually looks better and now hopefully everything will fit.

A dull but important bit of work was to add more lights to the lighting gantry. Big improvement.

Enough filler was set to allow me to start basic painting. All the filler is done now except for 'ballasting' the track.


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