Sunday, 5 September 2021

Salad and woodwork

I've spent the week adding to the scenery with a variety of green stuff and paint.

Gradually it's coming together, I've also spent quite a lot of time cleaning ballast and stray scenic gunk from the track so that basically I can now run trains in and out of the station. What japes.

The coal drops have gained some coal sacks and a couple of Bachmann coal bunkers, just needs some crushed coal now.

I decided that I had to do something with the sky, so a trip to B&Q and a tester pot of what looked like a sensible blue.

I'm pretty happy with the colour so I've bough a couple more little pots and a couple of slightly lighter shades to try a bit of variety. So far I'm pretty happy with the colour, better than white anyhow.

The next section of railway starts with an over bridge which I've built using some parts from two kits like the one at the other end of Upper Bay. I've made a wider track bed for this one using Wills chequer plate plastic sheet. 

This evening I've started on the woodwork for the next bit of layout. The road that leads to the station curves round under the railway and also rises up to become the road of the roadside tramway section.

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