Saturday 26 August 2023

A slight diversion - not just any diversion

 I’m very good at not doing what I should be doing and doing something else. Even when it’s just a hobby. So rather than getting on with Port Lucy, more on this later, I decided to make a little diorama that I’ve had in mind for a while.

Some good friends visited a month or so ago and by way of thanks they sent us some wine from M&S; it was very nice and came in a lovely wooden box. I immediately thought that it was too good for kindling and I’ve been toying with the idea of a model of the legendary but never built Portmerion branch of the Festiniog. I don’t have room or the inclination to build a whole layout so this box is ideal.

I got a lovely little resin model of the Minffordd down platform shelter off evilbay, it was a bargain but I had no need of it. 

The diorama represents a halt along the headland called Dolphin and the building is ideal. 

So far I’ve glued the sky paper into the box and cut the divider that was in the box to fit as a baseboard. Platform, track and fence are glued in place. I have some battery powered LED lights to fit and some plaster ballast and minimal scenery to do then it will be done. 

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