Thursday 17 August 2023

Progress and a possible problem

 I've done a bit more woodwork and it has left me scratching my head somewhat. The area of the new bit is pretty big; obviously I knew that when I 'designed' it but it's all very well scribbling in a note book but when the full size of the thing emerges it is quite another.

The plywood sheets aren't attached but I wanted to get an idea if my track plan would vaguely fit in the space available. I think it pretty much will for the station and the wharf but carriage sheds and loco works might be a step too far.

The main issue is that I can't reach the back of the layout and this is causing problems already. Hmmm. Some thought needed before I go too much further. In the words of Macbeth (I think) 'Vaulting ambition o'er leaps itself.'

The train on the left of the picture is the Diesel set which will be in use on the 'mainline'; ie disappear into a tunnel representing the rest of the island.

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