Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Calm after the storm

All back safely and plugged in and working... including the bits that had stopped working at the exhibition. However I've managed to snag a few wires underneath and this has turned off the lights in the town hall and the new cafe so they need the attention of my soldering iron. I had a mammoth tidy up and in the process I've found that I have a spare street light so I can add an extra one on the new baseboard.

The weather today has been truly abominable, with gale force wind and torrential rain so instead of going for a walk with the family and the dog I've made the first of the Hudson open coaches. It looks very nice and went together very sweetly. I've tried some of the trial couplings that I've received from Tom on the NGRM forum, they are a prototype of a chopper style coupling that is designed to be compatible with BEMO style and N gauge style and look more prototypical too. They are made by the magic of 3D printing so the surface is a little rough but can be smoothed by sanding them. I haven't tried them with any of my rolling stock yet but on first inspection they seem a little long for this job. More to follow on this.

Complete coach but with the roof not stuck on to aid painting.

Close up (slightly fuzzy) of the coupling. Certainly would look better if it were shorter between where it joins the bogie and the first ridge.

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