Thursday 4 August 2011

Busy morning

I've spent all morning painting, weathering and adding greenery, its not looking bad. I'm going to leave it alone for a while now so that everything can dry out. While that happens I've got a shed to rebuild and some coal staithes to make and some coal to crush.

Once those bits have been added its just a question of a jolly good clean up all round the layout (and the shed, looks like a bomb went off in a model shop). Then I can clean locos ready for Saturday and have a play to make sure all is well and works as I hope.

The end of the front siding is the diesel servicing point so I may build a small open sided shelter but not by the weekend, a fuel bowser and some grot will do nicely.

I feel the toaster and the kettle beckoning.

(Pictures later, my wife is singing in Wrexham this afternoon and has kidnapped the camera.)

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