Sunday 14 August 2011

Spoiling by painting

I've been busy on the real railway in the last week so haven't done much to the layout, however I've painted the Hudson coach in it's first coat and made it look dreadful in a brown colour, I think I'll change that to something nicer. I ended up fitting BEMO couplings in the end; I think the 3D printing texture is too rough to work well. I've several more pairs to experiment with and hope to do so over the next couple of days which are my weekend.

I've also been adding some details to the new 0-6-0 diesel - slightly wonky had rails as predicted and a few other odds and sods to make it look a bit less 'clean'. Needs some more spoiling with paint and then I can weather it to cover up the bad paint work.

At the exhibition I also acquired a second Lilliput 0-4-0 diesel for a bargain price but I'm not sure what fate awaits it... watch this space.

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