Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Snow in August?

It looks like there has been a fall of snow in St Ruth but actually it is modelling clay and plaster. I've also found a shed ready made that will cover the second point motor which saves time and I've given the other two sheds a first coat of paint. I just have to wait while it all dries out now. Hopefully in time to paint and flock before the exhibition...

There will be fencing along the bank at the front of the layout but probably not by the weekend. I'm determined to not over do the 'stuff' lying around but some coal and bibs and bobs and a couple of piles of 'goods' are what it needs. There s no need to add back scene to this extension as it would always look joined on, some bushes at the cheese factory end and the cafe and garden at the other will have to be enough to draw the eye in.

Hopefully the switches and the point motor bases will come tomorrow and I can complete the wiring after work.

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