Friday, 1 February 2013

The end is nigh

I've had half the layout set up in the corner of the living room for the last couple of weeks so that I can work on it when I get a few minutes here and there... and that is what I've done. Mainly I've been adding detail and colour. There is also a new sleeper built crossing from the station building made from bits of Evergreen cut to sleeper sizes, I made some IoSR 'Beware of  trains' signs and a new running in board for the station and added some additional enamel signs, I got some different ones off eBay and they are very nice reproductions which make a change from Tiny signs.

Up on Alma Street I've added street drains and a direction sign, the biggest difference to this area has actually been made with weathering powder which I use to blend the whole scene together.

The bad section of back scene at the left side of the layout has proved to be very troublesome to improve on. Having stuck the original effort on with PVA it proved virtually impossible to remove and  I ended up peeling and scraping it off as best I could and then sticking a fresh sheet over it. Having done so it looks not much better; not sure what to do to disguise it now.

Today I've replaced the woodwork on the right hand side which got broken in the 'pulling the two boards apart' incident before the Port exhibition. I've used the same end piece which has the support for the lighting rig on it, but I've added a bracing piece which means that it is much more solid this time. Now I need to sort out the other set of legs so that they are the same height as the ones on this board, they were only out slightly but enough to make rolling stock move on its own!

The end

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