Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cranes and clues

I spent yesterday evening making a pair of cranes. The overhead gantry has always been going to have a winch but somehow I never got round to it. So I stuck a couple of a lengths of rail to the top of the girders and contrived a sort of travelling winch bit out of a Minitrains skip chassis and some bits and bobs, it has a bit of chain wrapped round it. I gave it a squirt of grey primer and it looks OK. A bit of weathering and it will do the job nicely. Lucky that Daopl signal gantries have top edges which are N gauge.

The other crane is the wharfside one which looks like it has always been there. However, it hasn't. It is the crane part from a N Brass crane wagon. I'll make the wagon up as a flat. the crane is a whitemetal kit which went together very nicely and is just the right size.

I got something else in the post today... not much of a clue but now I've got all the bits for the next project which will occupy the work bench. Day off tomorrow so I hope to get time to start work...

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