Friday 2 August 2013

Coming soon...

So what is the mystery project which has caused me to clear my workbench?

Clues:1 - It is blue.
          2 - It is small.
          3 - I will have the first one.
          4 - You should be able to see the finished article in the goods shed at Dinas in September and purchase your very own one.

No more clues but a plug. Arnold Lane Wharf will be on show at the Welsh Highland Railway's annual 'do' in September. This year in addition to Garratts and all that on the big railway there will be an excellent selection of top notch NG layouts in attendance. Some will be in the goods shed and others will be in the loco shed. As soon as I have the details of all the layouts I'll post them, but I know that 'Bron Hebog' is coming. My little effort will be next to the F&WHR sales stand with examples of stuff available for sale on it. I shall be running round with the video camera most of the time but I hope to get a little time to play trains too.

I stole another light fitting from Underhill's lighting rig and fitted it to Arnold Lane so it now has very nearly enough lighting. I may go for one more fitting... Am I an addict?


Mick Thornton said...

Is it one of those heritage plaques that states "Lord Stoner lived here"?


Paul B. said...

Narrow Planet Hudson bogie brake coach?

Lord Stoner said...

No and no, although I like both ideas.

John W