Friday 16 August 2013

Cab 2, going slightly mad

After a trip to the beach with the assembled relatives I skulked off to the garage to progress me little blue engine. I wasn't happy with the cab as I'd managed to get solder all over it and so, following Steve's advice I gassed up my soldering iron which doubles as a blow torch and attacked the second set of etches for the cab. I decided that I would try a different approach to the construction this time so I laminated each part first and then assembled them rather than follow the instructions and try to laminate the finished inner cab. I used solder paste and then heated the lot up with the gas jet. First shot I just did it on my work bench... after I put out the little fire I got a brick from outside and did the rest on that: better. Not sure doing it in this order was a good plan but after a lot of buggering about I ended up with a better version of the cab. Bit scary waving a bunsen burner about the place but no harm done, if you don't count the burnt patch on my desk.

The cab and the tank aren't attached to each other or the footplate but it's all looking pretty good to me. Next is detailing and then a good clean up of all the bits before the spoiling with paint phase. I'll pop over to Blodge next week if I get a chance and take some pictures so I get the details right. The real thing has vacuum pipes but I'm not sure whether to add these or leave them off.

The most obvious details I need to fabricate are the brass lubricators which are on the front of the tanks.


Mick Thornton said...

It's coming along nicely John, keep at it!


JeffB said...

That looks great all finished (mostly) John! The cabless version is nice, but the cab really makes the model.

Keep on with torch soldering... Once you get used to using a torch, you'll find that it is so much quicker and cleaner than an iron. I make judicious use of clamps (alligator clips, hair clips, and clothes pins)when soldering to ensure that everything stays were I want it while applying heat.

Anyway... Again, great job!


Lord Stoner said...

Ta. I think the clamps thing is the best advice I've had. Sore fingers.