Wednesday 7 August 2013

Soldering and a headache

I ran out of excuses and so I plugged the soldering iron in and gathered my tools about me... then I thought 'I'll get my eye in soldering by making up that little flat wagon that came with the crane I made last week.' So I did, it has made up into a very nice little wagon. A quick clean up and paint and it will be very nice. Then it was time for dinner; I got up to go indoors but in doing so I banged my head into the corner of the baseboard of St Ruth which is above my workbench. Ouch!

The new hole in my head

The corner of the baseboard that made the new hole

The wagon I'd just made
Anyhow, after I stopped bleeding and ate my dinner I went back to the garage and cautiously sat down to start work on Britomart. After peeling off the bit of my head which had adhered to the layout I read through the first page of instructions and set about making a powered chassis. So far so good. I now have a chassis which runs in both directions.
The first stage, attaching the contacts to the motor

The motor glued on and a running chassis

I decided that that was enough excitement for one evening but I couldn't resist getting the footplate and frames from their fret and resting the boiler casting on just to get a feel for what it will look like. Marvellous, having seen real quarry Hunslets in a similar state of undress I can attest that even like this it looks very real.

A taste of things to come

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