Monday, 5 August 2013

No more excuses

All the bits are here, the work bench is clear. That's it, I'll have to start building. I only hope I can do justice to Brian's lovely looking kit. He has very kindly sent me a development kit to see if a numpty can put it together. If I can anyone can. Watch this space.

I didn't say what. Britomart - a specially adapted kit for our local loco. If all goes well I shall also fit the tea urn to the footplate which the prototype has. It is a copper sugar jar with a steam heated coil through it and is the most efficient kettle I've ever seen. Boston Lodge built Leary also has one.

The real thing in action last year - The driver is seated not a child

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  1. I'm building a Brian Madge Hunslet at the moment so I'll be watching with interest.