Friday, 10 January 2014

Woodwork - dull but vital

I've been out in the cold garage and workshop today. I knew I'd run out of wood but I wanted to make a start... so I did. As a result I now have a stable set of legs, for the layout, mine are a bit wonky to be fair.

Partly it relies on the old quarry caban table which has my music equipment on it but which can be seen with the tools on it in the top picture.

The next thing I did was to lay a sheet of mdf on top and make a life size plan of the track layout so I could see where to cut the front area away which will be the estuary.

I've got a variety of layouts in mind but the basic area will be the same wherever I put the sidings. I cut the mdf and then started to cut the 2x1 which will be the frame of the actual layout. The layout will rest on the legs so that it can be taken to shows, the first booked one is the 009 AGM in Rainford next year: I like a deadline.

Couldn't help trying out a train, I'm happy with the way my PD VoR bash sits with the PECO L&Bs

I started to chop up the wood for the frame but I ran out so will have to wait until the post Xmas bankruptcy wears off before I buy any more, shame as I've got a fire in my belly for it now. Perhaps I should finish one of the dozen or so other smaller projects I have under way. Hmm

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