Saturday 18 January 2014

The transfer list

I spent this evening finishing the Pickering brake coach and adding some running numbers to some recent rolling stock. The Pickering only needed the lid fixing on, some vac pipes and a tail lamp apart from the transfers. The ones I use for passenger stock are Old Time Workshop Talyllyn coach numbers which are red shaded gold, they are waterslide and look the business.

I've also done the VoR bashes and the small FR style bogie coach. In addition I've used a couple of Modelmaster waterslide numbers to start numbering goods stock. Unfortunately they are white numbers on a virtually white background and so are very hard to see to cut round but I've done a couple of vans seen in the picture below with the PD VoR I purchased from evilbay this week.

It is a very neat job and is a bit out of character in its GWR livery but I do quite like it.

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