Friday 17 January 2014

Confined to barracks

On the way home from work on Monday something was very wrong with my car, it hardly moved and when I finally got out of it at home I could smell an ominous hot metal smell. The upshot of which was that I drove it very slowly to my trusty garage the next morning and left it there...

Once home again I was marooned as we live half way up a mountain, miles from anywhere; which is lovely when you have a car but when you don't, that is that.

Work is pretty flexible so I can make the time up at the weekend which meant that I had time on my hands for a little modelling.

One thing I did was to take a photograph of virtually every piece of rolling stock I own and post them as a thread on the NGRM forum as some one had asked to see my goods stock. I thought why stop there so I also did passenger stock and locomotives. It's only when you add them up you see how many you have. All the pictures I used on the forum plus some I didn't are on Photobucket if you want to have a look.

The other thing I did was to finish off my VoR bash coach and nearly finish my brass PD NWNG Pickering brake coach.

The roof is still loose on the Pickering and it needs a few more tweaks but I'm pretty happy with how they look, I have another VoR kit un-started which will end up the same as this one. The only difference to how it should be is that I have trimmed one compartment off.

I also changed the bogies on another coach and changed the running gear on a brake van so they run better.

Shame the car is mended as now I have to do some work... at work.

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