Monday 6 January 2014

New Year, new project

Having had a bit of a modelling lull over the festive season I decided to get stuck in and try to get the Isle of Stoner Railway finished off… well a bit longer. What I mean really is to construct the Port Lucy end of the line and then connect it up to the existing bit. I've spent some time contemplating the track plan for the new bit and since I posted the plan on here I've added a siding by using  a three way point instead of a right hander for the branch so I gain a kick back siding which will be handy when shunting. I've also now got a curved point as the king point which makes things smoother.

The first thing I needed to do in the garage was to clear up the piles of crap which had accrued all over the place. I sorted out about 2 bin bags of actual rubbish and got most of the rest of it into some sort of order. Amazing what you find when you tidy up. I found several building kits and loads of bits and pieces which will come in handy.

Finally I got as far as the new layout. Hurrah. I cleared away the buildings and bits and pieces which were perched on the sheet of bendy mdf I was using for 3D planning. First actual woodworking was to start cutting timber for the legs. As this part needs to be seperable so that it can get to exhibitions, it will be slightly more wood intensive but make life easier. 

I've also found some stuff to pop on evilbay to help with the post xmas bankruptcy including some Eggerbahn rolling stock and the little inspection car I made last year. It runs nicely but somehow it doesn't sit with my layout so off it goes.

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