Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shedding some skin

The old lap tray was humming last night, I added a chimney stack to the station building and slapped on a quick first coat of the main colour.

After doing that I started work on converting  a Wills tin tabernacle kit into a small engine shed for Port Lucy. There is a similar one at St Ruth converted from the same kit so a bit of family resemblance is in order. The St Ruth one has doors at one end only but the new one is a drive through to allow a bit more parking space for locos.

So far I've just built the bits from the kit and added some cast whitemetal vents to the roof. I've squared up the windows and inserted some window frames left over from some Skaledale butchery.

The whole thing needs a few courses of brick under it to give it enough height to get a 009 loco inside, I may also make a lean too on the side to cover another track as I plan to have two loco roads on the riverside. In the original grand plan I hade a full loco and carriage works facility the other side of the river from Port Lucy but space and reality have put a stop to this... for now. I have a vague plan to make a separate layout with all that I had planned on it, however one thing at a time.

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