Monday, 23 June 2014

Slice of white

With all the recent wedding/birthday activity out of the way I found time today to add some basic blocks of expanded polystyrene scenery to the layout.

This shows the line snaking around under the StRuth baseboard, the train is coming away from Port Lucy.

This is the same train slightly earlier in its journey just crossing the river and about to enter the cutting which it is seen emerging from in the first picture.

Here, a mixed train is leaving the cutting on the final approach to Port Lucy. Mixed trains will be normal for the IoSR once it is properly up and running. I've been doing some experimentation with train make ups and loadings and a couple of large bogie coaches seems about right with a van or wagon or two. The stock falls into two sizes really, the larger size seen in these pictures and the smaller FR loading gauge stuff. The double Fairlie can haul five of the FR size bogies up the hill but four makes a better train.

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