Wednesday 8 June 2016

Descisions, descisions

It occurred to me that Underhill has an exhibition booked in August, Borth y Gest show and then in September, Great & Small III and the new station isn't even started yet!
First things first thinks I so I took the fiddle yard board to the workshop and added a lip all round so that stray rolling stock doesn't do the lemming dive off the edge, I also tidied up the wiring underneath. I need to test it to make sure it all still works as one of the staples I used to tidy the wiring clipped one of the wires and may have chopped it, hopefully not.

Finished fiddle yard.
 My grand plan for the new station looks a bit cramped so will need to be moderated slightly (as usual). I laid out a couple of variations with odds and sods of track to see what it looks like. I may need to extend the size of the board slightly as I was hoping to fit more town on and a valley side on each side. On the other hand it still needs to be portable and storable.

Plan A

Plan B
I think plan B overall is my favourite, siding wise but it has lost the bay platform of A so I might reinstall that. I have numerous railcars and this was for them to use so it doesn't need to be hugely long. If I remove the head shunt from the goods sidings it would allow the station site to be smaller but would leave less parking and shunting space. ????
Great & Small III is coming together nicely and will feature some cracking layouts in addition to mine. I'm off to Dinas with my new tape measure tomorrow so it should all fit nicely this time. 9th to 11th September are the dates for your diary.

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