Tuesday 14 June 2016

Hedging my bets

I've really been concentrating on the L&B layout this last week or so but I'm very conscious that I finished off the new middle bit of Underhill in a great rush and there were quite a lot of things I didn't get round too. The major one is the backscene but that will have to wait for a while until I can borrow a suitable camera and snap the right picture. 

What I have now done is add a fence and a hedge along the middle section of line which was previously open to the cows in the field and the public on the beach.

I'm pleased with the fencing as this is a Noch product that I just came across by chance on eBay. It has just the right air of dilapidation and weather beateness that a wooden fence on a beach would have. I was going to use post and wire fencing on the 'inland' side but it occurred to me that a hedge might be nicer and easier to achieve. A variety of clumping foam, left over sea foam tree bits and some bits of twigs and leaves were PVA'd down and there we have it. I might add a bit more greenery and maybe a little floral colour but essentially done.

Nettie on a mixed train threads past 'The Burning Bush'

On the way back at Rocky Beach

Gloria on a similar train

Would you believe it, Oberon in the same place with the same train
I added some more greenery here and there and fiddled with the beach colours and seaweed a bit, I'm not really happy with the beach but I have a few ideas to try to improve it. The other major missing element is the telegraph pole route which stops and starts again with a gap on the new board. I trimmed some Airfix/Dapol poles and started their painting yesterday too so they can be installed and painted later.

This extra work and finishing covering up the damage from the great dropping the layout incident has cheered me up about this section, it looks better now and blends in with it's surrounding sections better.

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