Monday 6 June 2016

Making an exhibition of myself...again

In advance of the Bala Lake Railway gala model railway show I was in a great rush of all sorts of things some railway related, some not. I packed the work transit with lots of lovely things to sell and the big TV etc. and came home to collect my layout on the Friday night. There was just room.

Some of the work things occupying my time at the moment.

The exhibition at Bala wasn't at the railway itself but in the school in the town, we had lots of space and were very well looked after but sadly there were very few people coming through the door. It is a shame as it was a nice show with good trade support and some nice layouts and mine.

We had loads of space and so made the most of it.

Arnold Lane Wharf behaved very well all weekend and the new point motor proved to be time well spent as it worked as intended without fault. I also took along the office test track which is just an oval of KATO track and a Minitrains controller, the idea being that we could test run any locos we sold. We did do that but mostly I used it to run in the troublesome Hunslets, Gloria and Britomart. Britomart in particular has benefitted immensely from this treatment.


The best thing about the show was finding that the rather splendid pizza layout, Lancey Brook was on sale. If I had had some spare cash I would have bought it for myself, however I spoke to the trader who was selling it and swapped it for some shop stock meaning that the F&WHR now has a rather better test track and display layout.

Britomart and some of my stock on Lancey Brook

It is a little tired and dusty and there are a couple of broken bits which will be easy to mend. Once it is restored to it's original glory I will be exhibiting it where ever we have space with the F&WHR marketing stand or either of my two layouts. Just needs a Heljan Manning Wardle now...

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