Sunday 29 December 2019

After Christmas

Before Christmas a few things got done and a few things arrived in the post by way of presents from me to me. First arrival was a couple more kits from the CAD of Tom Bell, this time a pair of sheep wagons, I've only built one so far but with a bit of judicial cleaning up it went together very nicely.

Next to arrive was the last vehicle I needed to complete my little heritage Eggerbahn train, this was the green van. The early Egger models were very nice and made up of numerous separate parts, I've always had a soft spot for the green coaches. So far it has only run with an assortment of IoSR motive power but I'm keeping my eyes open for a Fiery Elias tram loco to complete the set.

I've heavily rusted a Minitrains Brigadelok tender that has been hanging around for ages.

The plates finally arrived for Olwen which have finished it off a treat.

763 will be known as Eva but I've only just ordered the nameplates, I have however added some not very subtle weathering.

While Christmas TV has droned on I've painted the sheep wagon, painted and detailed a PECO green GVT coach which sits nicely in the green and cream set.

Olwen and train seem to be racing the bus

Sheep wagon in action in a pickup goods train

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