Wednesday 18 December 2019

Bearings and Baldwins

I think the water features finished, I put a few streaks of white onto the steep section and then added a coat of resin to make sure it was properly shiny. In the nick of time I remembered where the laser cut Lilly pads were hiding so I added a few of those to the lower section.

Seen here, about to pass over Sandy Brook are my new wagons, two new Tom Bell 1 plank wagons and a flat made from a PECO long brake van chassis and some bits and bobs.

I've always been pleased with the look of my TR coaches but they ran terribly, it was all the lighter locos could do was to drag them along. At Warley I bought a packet of little brass bearings, having dismantled the chassis and inserted the bearings I now have a rake of carriages which glide along.

The long awaited new Baldwins arrived from Bachmann and very pretty they are too. I had one of each along for a photo shoot. All had to go back to work... except 'Sid' who will transition to 'Eva'. I know the livery is silly but it's my train set and I like it.

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