Tuesday 10 December 2019

River shallow, mountain not really

This week has mainly been about continuing work on the new scenery section. As a general rule I've been pretty pleased with the growth of Sandy Brook. 

The flat area of the water in the brook looks fine but the resin had soaked up the banks a bit so I painted it over and added a few more clumps of greenery. I also use weathering powders to blend the colours and add texture. 

A couple of new Bachmann Baldwins came to visit. I had to give them back. I think when 'Sid' the SR livery version arrives I will weaken.

The downhill water needed some body and some movement so I bought some acrlyic stuff which alegedly sets clear, we'll see. So far some has, some hasn't. When it's set I'll touch in some white and brush on some more of the two part water stuff to add shine. 

The brook just starts in a spring on the hillside so I decided to disguise it somewhat with a little footbridge. 

I made it from balsa wood with brass uprights and styrene side rails.

Some bridges.

Paint still wet.

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