Monday 3 May 2021

Scenic progress

As predicted I didn't get much modelling time this week but when I've slipped out to the garage for the odd half hour I've cracked on with scenery at Upper Bay.

My usual technique has been applied, i.e creating a sub structure out of expanded polystyrene or strips of foam core. All stuck together with pva and hot glue gun.

Next phase is plaster bandage

I've added the last few bits of precast cast rock to the back of the station site, hopefully it will look like the site has been cut into rock.

After the plaster bandage has dried out I smooth out the contours using ready made filler. My theory is that in the real world there are rocks covered with soil. Both of these get eroded largely by water so I use a big wet paint brush to create the final shape of the landscape and to smooth out the surface.

The removable section has to be finished separately to its surrounding so that it will be easily removable. This has resulted in there being a bit of a difference at the joins, I'll sort this out next before the next stage.

All the main scenic areas are now complete so next is the remaining ballasting of the siding with filler and building up the platform area to just above rail level.

All a bit white but I like the road up to the station and the coal drop and yard are looking quite promising. I've ordered a kit for a small cottage to cover the removable section handle so hopefully that will arrive this week.

The cottage is from Fair Price Models and is laser cut from MDF I think. I'm looking forward to making this. I also bought a footbridge while I was at it.

Not sure where it will go but I liked the look of it.


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