Saturday 28 January 2012

Back scene

I got up with the lark this morning and sneaked out to the garage while the family were still asleep. I've attached the backscene mdf and added some more contour forming polystyrene foam to lighthouse hill. I want it to look as though it is a natural hill which has a cutting in it rather than two bits of layout nailed together as an after thought. Which of course, it is.

I've also found my railway river bridge. I'm going to use the main girders from the Dapol turntable. It is just the right length and with the addition of some styrene girders will do the job nicely. I also added some wood which will form the basis of the bridge abutments.

The road over the bridge will just have to vanish into the backscene, the landscape will rise up to pass through the gap in the hill so if there is enough depth to do it I will make the road start to drop down at the back.

This is the finished signal box which will sit at the station throat. Very pretty I think.

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