Friday 20 January 2012

Solid ground

I've finally found some time to go to the lovely B&Q and purchase a fresh sheet of mdf and cut it up and glue and screw it to the frame of the new bit. The idea of the estuary has grown on me and so I modified (bodged) the 2 x 1 framing and added a lower sheet of mdf so that the tidal area can be constructed.

I thought I'd bought enough mdf to make the backscene but once again my supreme measuring skills come to the fore and I find yet another sheet... also it would have been easier to attach it while I could still get to the back. Doh.

One unforeseen structure that I now need is a river bridge, not sure what sort of thing to go for. I've always like NWNG bowstrings but this may be a bit long for that so a plan B may be required.

While I've not been getting on with the layout I've been trying to finish off some of my huge pile of part finished rolling stock projects, several have progressed to the spoiling with paint phase including the Full Truckle cheese lorry which will live in the cheese factory siding. I've also painted the bridge, numerous times and I'm still not sure it looks right, I'll attack it with weathering powder and see if it improves. Time for bed said Zebedee!

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