Friday 6 January 2012

Round the back

Having been mainly armchair modelling/working/snoozing I haven't done anything to the layout for a while, however today I've turned it round and made the modifications to the track layout.

This is the remains of the round and round loop and the sidings and junction of the branch line. I've managed to salvage 4 pairs of points but most of the track is a bit knackered. It was tricky getting at the pins holding it all down to remove it and it was then even trickier laying the joining section of new track. However it is now done and I think should all run smoothly. It will be nigh on impossible to get at this section once the extension is built so derailments will be a nightmare; I've tried to find a way to build an access from above but have totally failed.

After I took these pictures I have added some bits of wood so that if anything does come off the tracks it won't be able to get itself stuck anywhere inside the layout.

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