Wednesday 24 July 2013

Thats better and a balloon.

I've finally had time to sort out the new sky on my Arnold Lane Wharf layout which I messed up in a previous episode.

I tried to remove the awful bubbled and spoiled sky paper with all the usual wallpaper removal techniques but it went from bad to worse, especially on the left hand side (as you look at it). I decided that to get rid of the bit of MDF was going to be the easiest solution and as I'd acquired several sheets for free recently I didn't feel too bad and the spoiled bit will do for some scenery former or something in the future. Carefully removing the MDF I copied the size and shape and using Spray Mount carefully attached a sheet of the new Gaugemaster sky paper which went on beautifully without a bubble or crease in sight. Hurrah! With this section re-attached to the baseboard I was heartened and started getting the second section ready.

Halfway there

I had used up the remains of my Spray Mount sticking flock to cheap trees so had to make a quick trip into Bangor to get fresh supplies but armed with a new can I cut the sky to almost the correct shape for the second bit and carefully glued it on... in nearly the right place. However, I wasn't to be deterred and so with the careful application of more trees and foliage I covered up the worst of the misalignment to the point where I knew if I kept on fiddling it would just go down hill and I'd end up starting all over again.

Big sky

It just needs one more light fitting to make the lighting even all over now but that will have to wait till after pay day as the car has just got back from a very expensive trip to the garage and I'm completely broke.

Oh yes. The balloon? I managed to make a black mark right in the middle of the sky and however hard I tried to ignore it it just drew the eye. Then, in a stroke of genius I thought why not cover it up with a plane? Planes are boring and not very Isle of Stoner but a nice colourful hot air balloon looks just right. I googled 'hot air balloon' and millions of images came up which I rummaged through till I found one I liked which I printed out in various sizes until it looked right, cut out very carefully and then stuck it over the mark. Job done.

I'm hoping to get some time to complete Beddgelert and the new 0-8-0 Hunslet which are both now sprayed the base colours and look like bright shiny toy engines. Some details and some paint and matt varnish should complete the job when I get a minute.

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Paul B. said...

I like the balloon, a plane would have looked frankly silly frozen in the sky!