Monday 22 February 2016

Fun, disaster again and recovery

I had a great time at the museum, the show was aimed squarely at families so most of the time I had a row of small faces in front of the layout watching the trains go by and asking strange and awkward questions. Hopefully a few new modellers have had the spark ignited.

The staff at the museum looked after us all very well and apart from the ghastly weather I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I was asked back for next year so I must have done something right.

This is my 009 PQR coach sat on the real one in the museum.
Come closing time I was busily packing up and had disconnected the fuddle yard end and moved it away and the time came to remove the new bit. I undid the nuts holding it onto Underhill, gave it a gentle pull and proceeded to drop the damn thing again. It is an awkward shape and weight and I really need to get a second person to help me with it.
 Anyway, some buildings and detail bits flew off and some bushes got dislodged but it seems is all ok. I've reassembled it at home and it seems OK, I haven't had a chance to run a train on it yet but I'm hopeful.

Back home
I spent yesterday evening restoring the pub as the toilet block had exploded off the end. It was all scheduled for some tlc anyway so it was mostly work which would have taken place anyway.
Back in place
Something which became clear operating the layout is that I really need to do something about the fiddle cupboard. I spent so much time knocking things over and even knocked a coach on the floor, which fortunately survived intact. So the time has come to come out of the cupboard and add a better open air space, nothing flash. Plan A is to remove the sidings as they are and replace them with PECO set track curves onto a new board attached at right angles which could have a pair of points on each line giving me four roads.

The other, more exciting plan is to change the other end at Underhill so that I have a proper run round loop and room for a two bogie coach train. Shame to have all these lovely L&B bogie coaches and nowhere to rum to.

This is the plan as it stands at the moment. I want to rescue a few of my favourite buildings from the main and soon to be demolished layout and use them on here. It may end up a little more 'ordinary' but it will be more fun to play with.


tradgardmastare said...

Glad it went well.I am intigued by the questions you were asked,can you share any with us?
I am new to model railways but have put on wargames at shows and know that the conversations generated can often be the best part of a show.

Lord Stoner said...

One was 'why don't the cars and people move about?'. Mostly it was 'make them crash', 'Where do they go?' when they disappeared into the fiddle cupboard. I can't remember any better ones. I spent most of the weekend telling grown ups that it isn't n gauge.