Saturday 6 February 2016

Paint it black

Last evening I got out the black masonry paint and painted the front profile board which tidies up the look of that no end. I also painted inside the tunnel black which helps with the illusion of tunnelness.

I also constructed, painted and installed some more bits and bobs around the pub which just add a little bit of detail. The pub garden table also gained a family enjoying the sunshine and a drink while watching out for trains.

The shop front still needs a little tidying up and there is still a need for some fencing to keep the cattle off the track but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the look of things... apart from the sky. I've a day off on Monday so will have a bash at the MK2 version.



Mick Thornton said...

Huge transformation in only a week and the scene is coming to life superbly. Well done John!


Lord Stoner said...

Thanks. It's a bit rough and ready but as long as it comes into three bits and then goes back together again and still works I'll be a happy bunny.