Thursday 25 February 2016

What's oKerring?

I was looking at Shapeways the other day and looking at 2ARails backhead for Skarloey and noticed a new body for a little Kerr Stewart style loco. I have several locos in the works and wasn't looking for another... so I ordered one and it duly arrived today.

It isn't exactly a tattoo as it's too short and the tank joins straight to the cab however it is definitely cute. Also arrived today by extreme coincidence was a little bag of MrTs best brass PQR couplings so a pair of those were attached as was a Waril chimney and a brass whistle.

The chassis is from my Minitrains Stainz which saw very little use in its original form.

I still have a few details to add and a method of attaching the body to the chassis but it is definitely coming on.

1 comment:

Baz said...

That's a very handsome little loco. I've too much unfinished stuff (ok, un-started) but maybe 1 more loco wouldn't hurt would it?