Sunday 4 December 2016

A bridge over troubled plywood

Not got much done on the layout this weekend but I now have a stream bed and a small bridge over it, it then vanishes under the road in a culvert.
Wet plaster stream
As it is at the moment
I've added a few bibs and bobs to the new Bagnall and added a crew. These are Bachmann people and are definitely 4mm scale rather than the usual Preiser 3.5mm ones I use. This loco will mainly be used on the new layout and I'm going to use proper 4mm scale people throughout. I have quite a selection of unpainted whitemetal figures so this is a good excuse to paint some. I may change my mind if they don't come out OK.
Sally - name and works plates on order

I've also wired up the Xmas scene layout and sorted out the rolling stock for it. Pictures once it's finished. Has to be installed on Thursday so a little more work to do on it but nearly there.

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