Monday 12 December 2016

Handles and rocks

This weekend was mainly devoted to finishing off the coaches for the little layout, sorting out and repainting some wagons and constructing a brake van.

Here are the coaches and Sally at Underhill Town
The new coaches, their brake van and a couple of older four wheelers now all have brass grab handles, they add a little bit of three dimensionality.

The Ferro Train skips got a load of loco ash to weigh them down a little which should help them roll better, they look the part too.

I did a small amount of scenic work, which consisted of starting work on the stream area. I collected some small stones from the beach at Trefor which has a good variety of granite and slatey stones on it. Having dried them thoroughly and painted the stream bed a mixture of dark brown and gungey green I have carefully arranged the stones to look like rocks.

The beach and pier at Trefor

Some of the beach now in my stream
While I was looking for something else I found a couple of badly finished and abandoned TR gunpowder wagons and a PD freelance brake van kit so I've renovated and repainted the wagons and spent a pleasant hour or two bashing the brake van into being.

I had a rummage and found a pair of VoR brake van duckets so I trimmed them to size and stuck them on, I do like my guards to have a view fore and aft. Running boards from styrene, brass handrails and a couple of torpedo vents and styrene rainstrips on the roof finished it off. I'm not sure I like it very much but I'll finish it off and see how it sits with the rest of the fleet.

By way of a comparison here is my Brian Madge Britomart with Sally


Simon Hargraves said...

The Parkside Dundas brake van looks a lot better with the duckets added; I bought one when the revamped version of the kit came out but it didn't convince me as a brake so I filled in the windows site mine's now a ventilated van......

Lord Stoner said...

I'm not fond of it, will probably sell it on. I have a pile of stuff to flog after Xmas to pay for it.