Thursday 8 December 2016


I haven't done anything to the new little layout but I have been attending to some rolling stock for it. I had a look in the great drawer of un-built kits and found a couple of little Parkside Dundas 4 wheelers which are ideal so I have built the and painted them, they go nicely with the brake van I bodged some years ago. They still need a spot more paint and maybe some brass wire grab handles to finish them off. Sally the Bagnall now has a crew too.
Sally and her train

 I finished off the Christmas layout and installed it at Dinas in the goods shed where this year's Santa trains on the Welsh Highland will run from. Hopefully it will behave itself and not get too fiddled with by kids/staff.

Over the last couple of evenings I have given the nice clean, pale blue Ferro Trains wagons a good coating of filth so they now look a whole lot more convincing. They don't run very well as they are so light so I will add some loads to give a little weight.

I used acrylic paints and some weathering powder and am very pleased with the result. First colour was a dark brown then a very watered down orange. Axle boxes were picked out in black to represent the oily gunge that this sort of wagon accumulates and then finally once that was dry I added some dark grey to give some highlights. While the grey was still damp I brushed all over with my patent mixture of rusty filth weathering powders. It isn't what you would call subtle but this sort of unloved utility vehicle is generally seen in a grotty state on a working railway.

Now the Christmas layout is out of the way I will be able to crack on with the roundy roundy and hopefully come up with a decent name for it, something to do with castles I think.

The other project which presents itself is a Narrow Planet 'Barclayfication'  kit for the Minitrains Boehler loco which just arrived in the post. It will make an interesting counterpart for my own rebuilt Boehler. I will try to finish some other things first...

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