Sunday 18 December 2016

Hey, coach!

 Most of what I've done this week has been un-remarkable but the scenery on the new layout, probably just called 'Castell Coed', has made a bit of progress. I've stuck down some crushed slate in the hope that it will look like the very bottom of a waste tip. Not bad I think, some greenery and some fencing and it won't be too bad.

The works plates arrived for Sphinx too
In other scenic matters, I've had the paints out and started to cover the plaster with some basic earth colours. Also painted on is the first coat of track weathering, despite the evidence of the photo above it does look better. Some nice ready made trees arrived which you can see plonked on the layout, I wanted the trees to have some real life bulk to them. When you see trees by a railway and houses they often tower above them so a few biggies will help disguise the tiny size of the layout... or possibly dwarf it. 
A while ago I ordered a print of a four wheel coach by Tom Bell from Shapeways but they cocked up the print which left the exterior detailing off but otherwise the coach was a nice size to fit with my other stock. I contacted Shapeways to get it done again which they agreed to do without any quibbling. Eventually a second attempt turned up exactly the same as the first one so I have asked for my money back. I was a bit cheesed off as they look like a nice design in the CAD, I was looking at the erroneous print when it occurred to me that I might be able to create something like the intended panelling by sticking styrene strips on. So I have, rather fiddly but I think the results are ok. I've added styrene seats inside which add quite a bit of rigidity to the coach and it now awaits some primer which will give a better idea of whether it will look ok.
Picture from Shapeways
As printed on the left, with my additions on the right
The amended one before the seats went in

In other news the Busch HOf Decauville type 3 loco has arrived and is unspeakably tiny and cute. I suspect that the next project may well turn out to be an HOf micro layout...
Here it is in the company of some other not huge locos and a slate wagon
I finished off the new Parkside Dundas van bash too and I'm still not any fonder of it so it will go in the after Xmas bankruptcy sale and hopefully raise a couple of quid to keep the wolf from the door. I have a Manning Wardle to pay for in February... gulp.


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