Saturday 12 November 2022

A year later…

 Well then, time passes when you’re having fun and what with one thing and another I haven’t posted anything on here in just about a year. Sorry about that team. 

It hasn’t been hugely busy in The Island in this time but there have been a few developments; the quarry has a loco shelter and there are lots more trees. 

The layout featured in Model Rail magazine which is very flattering as were the excellent photos taken by Chris Nevard. 

Arnold Lane Wharf has left me and been passed onto a young modeller of my acquaintance as I needed room to build my new exhibition layout called Bont. Bont is Welsh for bridge and the layout features a big bridge. 

I have temporarily changed to modelling a Welsh slate railway again because apart from anything else I have acquired a fair amount of appropriate rolling stock which isn’t at home on the Isle of Stoner Railway. It’s pretty much finished with only a couple of bits left to do and I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s supposed to be set on a November day in the mid 1930s which makes a nice change from the eternal summer of the Island. Hopefully this will get out and about to the odd show as it’s nice to meet up with fellow modellers and have a good old natter. 

So what’s next for me and 009? Well I have a stack of part finished models that need my attention but also I’ve decided that the final instalment of the Isle of Stoner needs to be built. This is the other terminus of the Underhill branch, namely Port Lucy where the branch line meets the main line to StRuth. A recent family holiday to Staithes in Yorkshire rekindled the idea; it was the original inspiration for Underhill and indeed the backscene features it. However Underhill didn’t come out quite how I intended so I’ll have another go. I’m in the early planning stages really but have started to assemble the buildings which will be a combination of kit built and modified ready to plant ones from Skaledale and Scenecraft. 

Just some of the assembled buildings 

I shall keep the blog up to date while this build continues, it maybe a while before construction of baseboards commences though as it’s a bit chilly in the garage and I can’t afford to heat it now for reasons I don’t need to go into here. Anyway, lots more buildings to make etc. 

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