Wednesday 30 November 2022

Neither Port Lucy nor Rome were built in a day

Since the last post most of my modelling time has been spent progressing the buildings for Port Lucy.

The loco shed is finished with just painting to do, the machine tools for inside are also waiting for the paint brush to visit before they are fixed inside. The water tower is also complete and primed.

The house is also just in need of painting.

One bedroom is furnished and illuminated.

The signal box awaits the attention of the paintbrush too, then glazing and the roof fixing on.

This flight of stairs will join the station level to the street ascending at the rear.

Last weekend was the Warley MRC show at the NEC in Birmingham where we had a publicity and sales stand from work. This means two nights and two days away from home. This has plusses and minuses, plusses are meeting up with loads of folk that I hardly ever see and having long chats. 

I got myself scanned by Modelu as did Dave Malton, hopefully I'll be driving a Bachmann 'Alice' before long.

On the PECO stand an early (and wrong) green England was spotted, A darker shade will be used for the finished item; confirmed by Hiroshi Kato himself.

One of my longer chats, with the lovely chaps at Dundas Models resulted in me buying a Minitrains Schneider diesel home. I thought I'd missed the boat with these, it fits right in with the other two maroon diesels.


The final bonus of a weekend in Birmingham is the availability of excellent and plentiful curry.


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